Our technology, science and health experience in Spain

Our technology, science and health experience in Spain

We provide services adapted to the complexity of these types of facilities based on our experience, knowledge and highly qualified employees. We approach the Data Centres, Housing and Hosting Centers, Telecommunications Station, Switching Centres, Call Center, Television Studies, Cleaning Rooms and Laboratories, Facilities marked with “MISSION CRITICAL FACILITIES”, for which the continuous functioning is critical for the importance of their work.  Apart from the construction of data centres, ISG also offer related services, including technical audit services, design for datacentres, power supply optimisation and facilities management.

Our approach

Our approach involves:

  • Client loyalty and optimal satisfaction
  • Client / provider partnership
  • Flexibility to client needs
  • Local technical and political knowledge
  • Successful record in the telecoms market.

Construction of data centres

Our mission is to identify and utilise unrivalled technical solutions that can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our highly-specialised experts and engineering team are well-versed in the technology, science and health sectors.

Our services:

Power optimization Technical audits